Kelso Glass Repair Specializes in Repairing Mirrors Of All Shapes & Sizes in Kelso, ON. We Have A Team Of Experienced Mirror Repair Technicians Who Can Fix Any Type Of Damage OR Broken Mirrors, From Small Chips And Cracks To Major Breaks.

At Kelso Glass Repair we provide professional mirror repair services to residential and commercial customers. Mirrors are an essential element in any building, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their functional purposes. Mirrors can provide important advantages, such as increasing light and adding the illusion of more space. However, mirrors can quickly become damaged due to accidental impacts, tarnishing, or the effects of age. Our expert technicians at Kelso Glass Repair can repair any mirror, regardless of damage type, size, or style. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of mirrors, so our team uses only high-quality materials and advanced methods to restore mirrors to their original condition. Our efficient and cost-effective Mirror Repair Services at Kelso Glass Repair ensure that customers receive quick and reliable repairs, ensuring that your building's mirrors always look great and provide value to your space.

Mirror Repair Kelso - ON

Mirror Repair Cost in Kelso

The cost of mirror repair can vary depending on the extent of damage to the mirror, its size, and the type of repair that is required. A minor chip or scratch on a small mirror would likely cost less to repair than a larger crack or smudge on a larger mirror. In general, repairing a mirror is more cost-effective than replacing it, and it can save you 50-75% of the expense of purchasing a new mirror. Generally, the Mirror Repair Cost is also more affordable than the cost of removing and reinstalling mirrors, particularly in areas where the mirrors were glued to walls, ceilings, or closets. Before deciding whether to repair or replace a mirror, it is always wise to get a quote from professionals to know the exact cost and make an informed decision.

Mirror Re-framing in Kelso

Mirror Re-framing in Kelso

Mirror re-framing is the process of giving a new frame to an existing mirror while preserving the original mirror glass. Sometimes, the mirror itself may still be in good condition, but the frame may be damaged, outdated, or unsuitable for the current decor of a room. Reframing a mirror can help to transform its appearance and make it look new again without having to replace the entire mirror. A wide range of frame styles are available to suit different interior design themes, from rustic wood or ornate metal designs to modern and sleek minimalistic frames. Professional Mirror Re-framing services can help to select a frame that complements the decor of the room and fits the existing mirror perfectly. Mirror Re-framing can not only enhance the appearance of the mirror and the surrounding area but can also increase the value of the room by adding focal points without a significant expense.

Antique Mirror Restoration in Kelso

Antique mirror restoration is a specialized type of mirror repair and restoration that deals with mirrors that are over 100 years old or have significant historic or artistic value. Antique mirrors may have a unique design, frame, or silvering technique that is not commonly used in modern mirrors. Therefore, antique mirror restoration requires an understanding of the techniques and materials used to make these mirrors and the ability to replicate the original restoration techniques. Antique Mirror Repair requires patience, skill, and experience, and it is essential to entrust the restoration work to a professional with expertise in antique mirror restoration. Skilled professionals at Kelso Glass Repair can restore antique mirrors to their former glory, retaining their historic and artistic value for many years to come

Mirror Resizing in Kelso

Mirror resizing involves cutting or resizing a mirror to fit in a specific frame or space. It is often necessary when the mirror or frame has been damaged or when the mirror needs to fit in a space different from its original size. Mirror resizing can be a delicate process, as cutting the glass requires precision and attention to detail. A professional of mirror resizing at Kelso Glass Repair can accurately measure the dimensions of the required space and ensure that the mirror is cut to the correct size without damaging the glass or altering its appearance. Mirror resizing can also be done to create multiple smaller mirrors from a single larger one. This is a popular option for commercial spaces where multiple mirrors are needed. The Kelso Glass Repair team ensures that the newly resized mirror fits the frame or space seamlessly, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Frame Repair in Kelso

A damaged frame not only detracts from the overall appearance of the artwork or object but can also weaken its structural integrity.
Frame repair can involve various techniques, including gluing, clamping, sanding, filling, and painting. The specific repair required depends on the type of frame, the severity of the damage, and the materials involved.
Some common frame repairs include:

  • Regluing A Loose Corner Or Joint
  • Filling Cracks Or Broken Parts
  • Replacing Missing Or Damaged Parts
  • Restoring The Finish

It is important to entrust frame repair to a professional at Kelso Glass Repair to ensure that the repair work is done to a high standard and does not cause any further damage to the frame or object. Kelso Glass Repair’s technicians can restore a damaged frame to its original condition, preserving its value and beauty for years to come.

Foggy Mirror Repair in Kelso

If you have a foggy mirror that needs repair, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional mirror repair service at Kelso Glass Repair. An experienced repair technician at Kelso Glass Repair can assess the extent of the damage and recommend the best Window Glass Repair technique. They use specialized tools and cleaning solutions to safely remove any moisture or dirt that has accumulated on the mirror surface, restoring its clarity and functionality. Furthermore, the Kelso Glass Repair technicians can also provide advice on how to maintain your mirror's condition and protect it from future damage. With the help of a professional foggy mirror repair service, you can enjoy a clear and functional mirror in your home or workplace.

Foggy Mirror Repair in Kelso

Mirror Repair Experts in Kelso?

As mirror repair experts, we have extensive knowledge and experience in repairing all types of mirrors. We understand the importance of having properly functioning mirrors in both residential and commercial settings and have the expertise to provide fast, effective solutions to any mirror problem. Whether it's repairing a foggy bathroom mirror or restoring a cracked antique mirror, we have the skills and tools to do the job right. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with the results of our work. Our mirror repair services are affordable and reliable, providing our clients with a cost-effective way to restore their mirrors to their original condition. When it comes to mirror repair, we are the experts you can trust to get the job done right.